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anti-bedsore mattress

Anti-bedsore mattresses in china can be maintained like this

Anti-bedsore mattresses in China can be inflated immediately after purchase, but it is best to use them 12 hours after the first inflation is completed 8 hours later. Because anti-bedsore mattresses in China need a cushioning process for the inner straps and seams, try not to inflate the new anti-bedsore mattresses in China 2 days before use.

The functions of anti-bedsore mattresses in China

More than 95% of bedsores occur on the bony protrusions of the lower body, so it is necessary to use anti-bedsore mattresses in china for protection, which can prevent long-term pressure on the local skin and effectively avoid the occurrence of bedsores.

Are anti-bedsore mattresses in China effective in preventing bedsores

To prevent pressure sores from forming in the body, many people use anti-bedsore mattresses in china to successfully prevent pressure sores. Therefore, for patients who are bedridden for a long time or have limited mobility, using anti-bedsore mattresses in China has become the best way to stay away from bedsores. However, can anti-bedsore mattresses in China really effectively prevent bedsores?

Precautions for anti-bedsore mattresses china

Anti-bedsore mattresses China can spread bed sheets and towel quilts in summer, and thin quilts in winter.

The function of anti-bedsore mattresses needs to be understood

The anti-bedsore mattresses are made of non-absorbent fiber fabric, sweat stains and other liquids are not easy to adhere to the airbag, and are easy to wipe. At the same time, the air pump has multiple gears that can be adjusted, and the appropriate pressure index can be adjusted according to the individual's weight to ensure a better bed rest environment.

Common faults of anti-bedsore mattresses

The anti-bedsore mattress is a medical care mattress used to prevent and slow down pressure ulcers. It is widely used in patients with paralysis, coma, major surgery, fracture traction, severe burns (frost burns), etc., as well as various severe and terminal patients. , suitable for use in hospitals, nursing homes and family beds.

How to use anti-bedsore mattress

When laying, the side with the tubular air cushion should be placed upward, otherwise it will affect the control effect. When laying an anti-bedsore mattress, you need to place the air inlet under your feet to reduce the impact of airflow noise.

How does anti-bedsore mattress help with bedsores

The anti-bedsore mattress is developed according to the principle of ergonomics. It adopts the design of circulating air flow.

The choice of anti-bedsore mattress is also a technical task

Anti-bedsore mattress is a must-have item for many long-term bedridden patients. Many patients struggle with which anti-bedsore mattress to choose.

Five maintenance methods for anti-bedsore mattress

After one charge, the anti-bedsore mattress will be a little loose and the size will be different from the standard. this is normal phenomenon.
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