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steam sterilizer

Some problems to pay attention to when using china steam sterilizer

Warm up. Before warming up, check whether there is a certain amount of water in the china steam sterilizer. This is very important. Check whether the utensils to be sterilized are wrapped with kraft paper, and whether they are placed up along the bottle mouth.

These two factors that affect china steam sterilizer

The choice of water for china steam sterilizer is also very important. If the water quality does not meet the requirements, it may cause problems such as scale and corrosion, which will affect the effect and service life of the sterilizer.

The benefits of choosing china steam sterilizer

Sterilizers are commonly used equipment for laboratory disinfection and sterilization. At present, the most common is pressure china steam sterilizer, which uses pressure saturated steam to quickly sterilize items.

Composition of steam sterilizer

After the steam sterilizer starts the sterilization program, the device automatically adds water according to the set program, and then heats it up. The steam and cold air in the sterilization chamber are discharged to the steam collecting bottle.

How to use steam sterilizer

Sterilizer, also known as steam sterilizer, laboratory sterilizer can be divided into portable autoclave and vertical autoclave. A device that uses electric heating wires to heat water to generate steam and can maintain a certain pressure.
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