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anti-bedsore mattress

These knowledge of anti decubitus mattress in china should be understood

what should be paid attention to when using the anti decubitus mattress in china?

anti decubitus mattress help for bedsores

The anti decubitus mattress is specially designed and manufactured to reduce the difficulty of turning over for long-term bedridden patients and to reduce the labor intensity of nursing staff.

Function introduction of china anti decubitus mattress

Anti-decubitus air mattress is also called anti-decubitus air cushion, china anti decubitus mattress, anti-decubitus cushion, etc.

Some understanding of anti decubitus mattress

An anti decubitus mattress is a mattress specially designed for long-term bedridden people to prevent bedsores. In medicine, there is a saying that because the skin on the surface of the human body is continuously compressed for a long time, causing tissue ischemia and hypoxia, the skin tissue may be necrotic and ulcerated, resulting in bedsores.

Applicable people of anti decubitus mattress

Anti-decubitus air cushion - fluctuating type (necessary for stroke patients); anti decubitus mattress - jet type: a high-tech medical product made of imported materials using the most advanced physiological and dynamic principles in the world.

Anti-bedsore mattress in china related content explanation

Anti-bedsore mattress in china is a must-have item for many long-term bedridden patients. Many patients struggle with which anti-bedsore mattress in china to choose.

How to use good price and quality anti-bedsore mattress

Laying of good price and quality anti-bedsore mattress: Be sure to place the side with the tubular air cushion upwards. If the anti-bedsore mattress is laid upside down, it will affect the prevention and treatment of bedsores.

These four maintenance methods of anti-bedsore mattress in china

The anti-bedsore mattress in china can be inflated immediately after purchase, but it is best to use it 8 hours after the first inflation. Because there is a cushioning process in the drawstrings and sutures of the bedsore pad, try not to have enough air before using a new bedsore pad for 2 days.

Some related content of china anti-bedsore mattress

For people who maintain certain movements for a long time, the most common disease is pressure ulcers. For serious diseases, there are many treatment methods and programs, but generally only the skin can be treated, and it cannot be cured.

Related content of china anti-bedsore mattress

china anti-bedsore mattress is widely used in paralysis, burns, fracture traction, internal medicine, surgery, post-operative care, long-term bedridden can't turn over and bedsore patients.
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