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The use of Dengguan steam sterilizer

The company's steam sterilizer is a safe and reliable sterilization equipment that adopts automatic program control, which is mainly composed of a shell, a sterilization chamber, a steam generator, a piping system, and a control system.

Medical anti decubitus mattresses belong to several categories of medical devices

Patients who stay in bed for a long time are prone to bedsores, so now many people go to medical equipment stores to buy anti decubitus mattresses. And for the paralyzed elderly who already have bedsores, it is even more necessary to use an anti decubitus mattress to prevent the deterioration of bedsores or the growth of new ones.

Static anti decubitus mattress vs dynamic anti decubitus mattress

In clinical care, in order to prevent patients from bed sores due to long-term bed rest, nurses often use anti-pressure sore care products for auxiliary care, and for long-term bedridden patients, anti decubitus mattress is one of their commonly used care products. So the question is, there are dynamic and static anti decubitus mattresses on the market, how to choose?

Shipping of anti decubitus mattress

The transportation of the anti-decubitus mattress is also very important, so do you know how the anti-decubitus mattress is transported?

Do you know the benefits of using anti decubitus mattress

The anti decubitus mattress is developed according to the principles of physics. It adopts a three-stage circulating airflow design. With the undulations of the airflow, it automatically changes the parts of the human body that are under pressure. It is specially used for long-term bedridden patients to prevent bedsores.

How to use anti decubitus mattress

Laying of the anti decubitus mattress: Be sure to place the side with the tubular air cushion upwards. If it is laid upside down, it will affect the prevention and treatment of bedsores.

Precautions for the use of anti decubitus mattress

The use of an anti decubitus mattress plays a very important role in the prevention and treatment of decubitus ulcers. It can be used to inflate or deflate the air column regularly to achieve regular ventilation of the compressed part, promote blood circulation in the part, and avoid local The purpose of long-term pressure is to prevent the occurrence of bedsores.

Which anti decubitus mattress is good

There are many businesses selling anti decubitus mattress on the market, and the quality of the products varies. So, which one is better to buy? When purchasing, first look at the material. The texture of the fabric should be soft and the thickness should be sufficient to make the patients lying on it feel comfortable.

How to care for an anti decubitus mattress

The anti decubitus mattress can be inflated immediately after purchase, but it is best to use it 12 hours after the first inflation is completed. Because the inner straps and seams of the anti decubitus mattress need a cushioning process, try not to have enough air in the first 2 days of using the new mattress.

The role of anti-bedsore mattress for anti-decubitus

Anti-bedsore mattress have a significant effect on the prevention and physical treatment of decubitus ulcers, and can be used for paralysis, burns, fractures, nursing after traction surgery, and special care for patients with cardiovascular disease who are unconscious, bedridden for a long time, and difficult to turn over independently.
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